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Home Safety Assessments

Over 90% of Americans want to age in place in THEIR home, but only 10% of them have actually begun to think about what that means. We can help  get you started by:


  • Full Occupational Therapy Evaluation

    • including assessments for balance, sensation, range of motion, vision, any concerns with bathing, dressing, participation in social events, etc.

  • Provide you with a one-on-one Home Safety Evaluation to pinpoint potential solutions to areas of your house that aren't functioning as well as you want.

  • Collaborate on a plan that will allow your house to maintain its beauty while increasing its function with your budget

  • Help you navigate the confusing world of wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and contractors to help you achieve your aesthetic and functional goals.

  • Should you choose to do larger projects (such as renovations) we can help be a go-between with other building professionals to ensure that safety, function, and accessibility aren't lost in the process.

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