Equipping your company with tools to ensure you land the gig, and aren't called in to fix a safety hazard.

Having a consultant to review your current sales pitch, your product offers, and help identify red flags in your client's function, can elevate your business over the average contractor/installer.

While Aurora know's how to lay tile, and frame out a wall, they wouldn't advertise themselves as a contractor.


Contractors and installers benefit from a medical professional's input when dealing with individuals with health disparities.  

Too often, Aurora is called in as a consultant to assist clients after an unsafe install. Bath benches are not the solution for mobility issues for all clients.

Want to have a medical professional to support your sales team to elevate your offerings?

Want to know when a Medical professional may actually help secure the bid?

Want a customized training for your team to bridge the gap between health issues, and construction?