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5 Must-have gifts for 2022- Mobility Edition

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

So, you’ve gone home for the first holidays of your holiday season. You’ve noticed that a loved one is having more trouble.

They don’t look as steady as they used to, maybe they show increased effort when sitting down or standing up, making a few more vocalizations than normal.

MAYBE they are so convinced they are fine, that they actually aren’t, and you've been making eyes with others in the household, those knowing eyes that say, " You saw that too right?!"

So what do you get for someone who needs a little more help or that person who “doesn’t need help” but, does?

I've got five ideas for you this Holiday Season.

Transfer poles offers a low-profile, no-damage alternative to adding a mobility device in key portions of the home, giving your loved one a little support without committing to a walking device.

  • This pole tends to be on the higher end cost-wise, but it’s one of the few on the market that gives you the option to adjust the handle heights to the height YOU want and needs and opens up a world of possibility.

  • The low-profile adjustable handles make this the perfect addition to the bed, toilet, tub or even sitting spaces in any living situation with no damage to the walls. making this a perfect option for rentals

2) Grab Bar toilet paper holder:

Sleek, functional, low profile? This is a win-win for ANYONE to install. (*see links below*)

  • With options to place a grab bar horizontally or vertically, these designs give us so much freedom without all the fight to maintain dignity.

Provides a more comfortable height for those with limited mobility while mimicking a conventional toilet seat. There is no unattractive riser to detract from your bathroom décor

  • Adds three inches to any toilet seat, and avoids the hospital look of traditional seat risers.

  • Grip-Tight installation hardware makes it easy to fasten the seat – everything is done from above the bowl

  • *NOTE:* Measure the toilet seat, and be sure on this one, unfortunately, it can not be returned if it has been taken out of the package, due to the nature of where and how this item is used.

Provides stability and balance when standing or sitting from the car; compatible with most vehicles, the handle fits parallel to your car when inserted into a U-shaped door striker or latch; no modifications required

  • Perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone needing mobility assistance; maneuver in and out of cars using the non-slip grip handle without caregiver assistance, preventing back pain from lifting and skin tears from pulling

  • 3-in-1 Safety Tool: Includes a built-in window breaker and seat belt cutter for emergency escape; practical gift idea for loved ones, provides peace of mind when traveling

  • Heavy Duty: Safely supports up to 350 pounds; designed for everyday use, the durable car assist bar is the perfect travel accessory

Multi-use TV and computer table to give you standing options while also including a built-in cup holder/handy utensil compartment.

  • 360 degrees of swivel motion allowing you to push the lap desk out of the way when not in use.

  • Install the sofa desk under the feet of most four-legged lift chairs or recliners

Some of these items can double as time spent with your loved one while you install the items. Some people can be very resistant to change and may be in denial of their own growing needs/impending changes.

Remember, Our environment should change for us, and we should NOT have to change for the environment.

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