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Image by Katarzyna Pracuch

Fall Prevention

 Falls can cost over 31 BILLION dollars a year for the healthcare system, and falls are NOT a normal part of aging.

Taking Notes


Learn the tools to help your loved ones adapt and age in place

Home/Routine modification

Adapting in your home means re-learning skills. We're here to guide you.

Home Nurse Making Bed


Understand MediCare, the role of Occupational Therapists, and tips!

Modern Senior Woman

Often as abilities change we have trouble participating in daily tasks we used to.  Mobile therapists help you do the things you have to do, need to do, or WANT to do while  helping you age and adapt:

We can give you safety, security, and confidence in:

  • Bathing, dressing, grooming (ADLS)

  • Cooking, taking your own medications, driving (IADLS)

  • Educating Primary Caregivers to manage difficult behaviors

And  we even discuss realms of sleep, pain, education/learning, sex, returning to work, ergonomics, and physical disabilities especially after falls or newly acquired injuries.

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