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6 Steps to Renovating Your Home for a Lifetime

People want to stay at home and participate in life for as long as possible. Sometimes, that feels impossible to do for many reasons. Did you know there is an entire profession that can help you renovate your home and age in place?

It’s called Occupational Therapy (OT.)

There is NO other profession that partners with you to create results that satisfy your physical and emotional needs like an Occupational therapist. OTs collaborate with clients to assess the person in their environment, to determine how a person is able to move within their environment. This is to ensure your home is accustomed to YOU.

So, how do you get started?

Here are the 6 steps towards modifying your home with an OT:

Share your Story

Occupational therapists are focused on learning about YOU. This includes discussing these topics:

  • Describe the activities you do daily.

  • What are the current physical or emotional barriers in your home?

  • What your home means to you.

  • How has your health impacted your daily routine in the home?

  • How ready for change are you?

Inspect the Home

Take Measurements


Get Educated

Install it

Once the modifications are installed, How does your OT conclude this experience?

They will inspect all home modifications and other interventions to confirm correct installation and that you have complete satisfaction with those outcomes.

Having a healthcare professional as a consultant on a home adaptation project means you not only have someone skilled in disease or symptom management at the moment, but they are also knowledgeable in possible future needs. This will minimize costs in the long run, increase your satisfaction, and may even raise the home value.

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