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Home Modification Process

What happens when you hire a Home Accessibility consulting Company?

Why is an Occupational Therapist even trying to be involved in a Home Modifications project anyway?

Below is what you can expect when you hire Aurora Independence to help you complete your next renovation, especially if it's for you to stay in your home forever. There are SEVEN stages to the Home Modification process and several key players.


New Referral

In this first phase, Aurora staff will gather new information on you, your goals, and your current status regarding urgency. 

Is this a fact-finding mission, or are we ready to ACT?! 

During this phase, we also help identify key points of information such as medical history, diagnosis, barriers to living life to your fullest, things that are just annoying you about the current, or general pain points that motivated you to reach out in the first place. We also gather data about where you live, and if you are not within our service area, we try to connect you to a referral who CAN help.


This is where the clinical knowledge of the Aurora team collaborates with you to determine YOUR goals, your desires, and the limiting factors.

We come to your house for a comprehensive evaluation. During this, we talk, a LOT, and our team aims to get a full picture of where you are, things you have tried,  what worked and what didn’t.  We ask a bit more about your worries for the future, or for now and we start to collaborate to figure out what solutions may exist within your budget, and that align with your readiness to make a change.

We ask questions like:

  1. What are your medical conditions or of any who visits regularly?

  2. When we the last time you were hospitalized (and why, and what was the outcome)?

  3. Have you had any therapy for any injuries within the last year?

  4. How high/low can you reach?

  5. What does a good day look like, and what does a bad day look like

  6. Why call us now?


Contractor Connections



Post Occupancy Evaluation


When you engage an accessibility consulting company to help you with your renovation project, it ensures that you have an extra set of eyes that is bridging the gap between the construction world your accessibility needs, and the very real change that occurs throughout a project.



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