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4 Gifts for Seniors

What do you get for someone whose lifetime has spanned from The Post Depression Era to the technological revolution including Virtual Reality?

If it's not a personal gift, it should be something practical.

The truth is by 2030, we will be seeing a senior wave coming to our nation and healthcare system, and the most important thing is to keep our loved ones safe, and independent, and let's keep the gifts relevant to the ever-changing world!

Below are four gift ideas for the general Senior who is active, and seeking to stay connected.

General Gifts

1) Trekking poles or Urban poles (or Nordic walking Poles)

What is the difference? It's all in the feet, design, and in the end goal.

Often used by long-haul hikers, these poles can be adapted for seniors looking to stay active and connected to nature. For the active Senior walking the trails in nature, bird watching, or keeping up with the grandkids, a trekking pole has different attachments on the feet to accommodate all the different terrains you may use them on. Their main role is to provide stability and help walkers get into a good rhythm. They are best for uneven/more difficult terrain.

For the active Senior looking to exercise in nature, or take their walks to the next level, the Urban Poles/ Nordic Walking Poles may be a good option. These poles are adapted ski poles and are used to simulate cross-country skiing. Their feet attachments and handle design promote a full-body workout. These poles are more sporty and work better on smoother terrain, including hills and most coastal paths. They help to improve upper body and core strengthening and posture; off-load weight from hips and knees to the upper body; to help with balance and stability.

Have a Senior who wants to stay connected, but does not want to use a smart pad, or gets confused with all the extra features? This Claris Companion may be a great fit! Check out their video on how it all works.

It comes with large text, large buttons, and voice notifications, making it easy to use features like video messaging, medication reminders, games, news, and photos. Its simple sleek design allows for remote configuration from family/caregivers, can be personalized and comes with live support.

While it has a monthly fee, the initial low cost of the purchase and the remote configuration with an easy simple design may offset that concern over time. Most smart pads have so many settings and with updates, they can become more confusing for those seniors who arent fully tech-savvy. And its ability to add photos from a distance means your family member can get updates that keep them in touch.

For the Senior who has trouble sleeping, staying up late, waking up late, and complaining of insomnia, a clock that helps to wake them naturally may be a good fit.

Sleep is complex, and involves many body systems for a successful sleep session. Sometimes medications, lifestyle, or disease processes can impact a good night. While this clock doesn't fix all sleep problems overnight, it could be a piece of the puzzle for a willing senior. With custom settings, this clock can wake them up at the desired time by hacking into our natural sleep rhythms impacted by light ( both natural and artificial)


Want a functional slip-on shoe that requires no bending, no laces, and no hassle?

Well, these are some of the best on the market. The reviews of these have been overwhelmingly positive, with prosthetic users, seniors, and able-bodied people alike raving about their convenience and comfort.

So check out these gifts and a few of the other guides up on the blog Aurora Advice.

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