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Single Easiest Way to Prevent Falling

⁠⁠A lot of mechanical falls happen, simply because you didn't see the thing you tripped on.

It's usually paired with " It happened so fast!" or " I didn't see it coming!" yup.

That's because, Per Medline, By the time you turn 60, your pupils may decrease to about one-third of the size they were when you were 20. Our pupils lose their flexibility and as a result, they react slower when the light changes.

This makes it difficult to adjust to new rooms with different lighting intensities/colors.

This explains why you may need to pull out the camera flashlight when reading a menu in a dark restaurant, you may need a little more than a minute to adjust from outside to inside lighting, or why someone may knick themselves with a knife while cooking!

Adding night lights, motion sensor lighting, or using the right light bulbs can eliminate that.⁠⁠

Different spaces have different lighting needs.

Light color (kelvins) and the amount of light produced (lumens) have often been forgotten for watts (the amount of energy a light bulb uses.) This is because they used to be connected. Meaning, that the more energy is used, the more light is produced.

This is no longer the case. We can use less energy to create more light, and as we age, we really do benefit from being thoughtful about the need for more light. This isn't even considering WHERE to place your lights.

Below, you will see a picture that shows the difference between the different Kelvins (temperature of the light) and different rooms in the house which may benefit from the associated temperature.

While we used to buy bulbs by the watts, technology has advanced so well now, that energy conservation is less of a concern, especially as we age.

This Occupational Therapist recommends you purchase by the Kelvin/lumens, and NOT watts.

Making simple purchasing changes as we grow older can have a large impact on our success and comfort within the home. If you have a loved one who refuses to turn on multiple lights, at least encourage them to buy one with higher lumens/kelvins!

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